Digital Damascus Steel

Anyone wondering how and why technology (like Greek Fire or Damascus Steel) becomes lost need look no further than the digital world of home computers and the internet.

As I keep compulsively saying, the digital experience for working laymen (that is non-technoheads like myself who use computers daily for work) reached it’s peak at around 2006 or so (give or take a year for different parts).

I can’t think of a single innovation since then that has made computers or the internet more productive or easy to use for either writing or creating original content. Not a single one. If anyone has counter-examples I’d love to hear them.

But every version of Word since 1997-2003 has been a step backwards in terms of making and formatting original content. After the latest update in Windows 10 the mouse is barely working and highlighting what I want to highlight (versus what the deranged pig-fuckers who created it think I want to highlight) has turned into a major ordeal rather than a simple reflexive action. My guess is that this is because they’re trying to make everything as touchscreen compatible as possible and ease of mouse use is simply collateral damage in their quest to turn all interfaces into inbred mouse-brained junk that cannot generate anything like original content beyond a few simple misspelled words and cupcake emojis. I’m assuming that within a few years they’ll go back to black screens with green or orange letters and no ability to format whatsoever.

I hope some people are studying and documenting this which is probably the largest technological decline in modern history. If it weren’t so disheartening it would be fascinating – an entire industry devoting itself almost exclusively to destroying its own product and debasing itself and its customers in the process and it’s all being done in the name of ‘convenience’.


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