Good Job, Good Intentions!

After WWII Europe accepted a lot of very well-meaning yet unrealistic ideas about how to deal with refugees and has steadfastly stuck by them even as developments such as increased cheap travel and human smuggling networks began overloading the system with non-refugee economic migrants.

The US took on the well-meaning job of deposing Qadaffi in Libya in order to further ‘democracy’ (for some meaning of that word) and the chaos that ensued made it the logical point for African economic migrants to re-route their human products toward the Mediterranean.

NGO’s took it upon themselves to aid and abet the movement of Sub-Saharan African (and some other) migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe expending huge efforts in ‘rescuing’ migrants on unseaworthy ships.

Europe, the US, NGOs and a variety of others had nothing but good intentions and the desire to support and strengthen human rights and human dignity……

And now the result, slave auctions are apparently now a regular occurence in Libya.

Good job, everybody! Keep up those good intentions and the Arab Slave Trade could be revived in full before you know it!


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