Catastrophic Catalonian Cacaphony

Catalonian independence is to political causes what socks-as-a-present are to Christmas. There’s not a single thing they would get form independence that they don’t have now and would probably lose a lot more. Not only would they lose access to the common market after they’re thrown out of the EU, they would have to improvise a currency in a few months, create an army and other national government features from scratch while dealing with capital flight as more businesses relocate to Valencia or the Balearics, a large percentage of the population who would reject local citizenship and probably collapsing tourism and one of their biggest cultural icons (FC Barelona) would likely be changed beyond recognition.

And the band plays on, on the one hand Puigdemont is still suggesting to his befuddled would be citizens that Catalonia would be part of the EU (it won’t) but also suggesting that it should hold a referendum to leave the EU.

By this stage if he isn’t getting money from Putin then he’s an idiot. He’s carrying Putin’s water in trying to make democracy look inherently disruptive (to justify not having it in Russia) and trying to make the EU look as bad as possible because it makes life at times not quite as comfortable as it would be if the EU were to fail.

The best possible result at this stage would be open debate on the real consequences of independence and see what happens. As the old saying goes “Democracies get what they deserve” an electorate foolish enough to still support the independence cause deserves the consequences of that.

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