Discovery and Orville

I used to be a happy Trekkie back in the day. I never went to conventions or wore Klingon costumes or even made any real effort to see the movies. Nevertheless I would happily watch any Star Trek TV show, not in a compulsive way, but kind of the way small children watched Mister Rogers – there would be a low degree of conflict or tension carefully geared to not alarm the audience too much and things would be resolved in a more or less satisfactory way as the Enterprise zoomed on to its next mild confrontation.

I grew up with the original series and despite some initial resistance enjoyed the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Moving to Poland (where Star Trek never caught on in any form) made it hard to keep up but the first few seasons of Voyager were shown (dubbed instead of the usual horrible voice over) and I watched some German versions of late NG and DS9 on TV.

I completely missed Enterprise and never felt the lack as I had gotten out of the Star Trek habit.So imagine my surprise when I find out that not only is there a new Star Trek being made but a satiric homage was coming out at the same time.

I’ll probably have more to say about both later, for now I’ll just say…. I’m okay with both of them. Neither knocks me out of my socks but both are watchable and capable of filling my newly awoken Star Trek habit in check.

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2 Responses to Discovery and Orville

  1. M. says:

    I grew up with the original also, and loved it. But since it and the whole Star trek universe have been hijacked to promote the demented politics of SJWism, I care less and less every
    day. Feel that way about a lot of things I used to like these days.

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