Going About Integration the Wrong Way

It occured to me, somewhere about the 83,458th time I heard or read about the difficulties of, need for and success of “integrating refugees” in Western Euroe that this gives a rather large clue as to Western (esp Northwestern) Europe’s problems with immigration from North Africa and the Middle East. Although it’s been going on for over 50 years (at wildly fluctuating rates) no one can seriously make the case that it’s been very successful in economic or social terms.

The problem is that groups like refugees or Muslims or women or young men or left-handed people do not integrate. Only individuals can integrate. First the individual has to make the choice to do so and then they have to follow through even when it’s not easy. And indeed some individuals in this most problematic of migrant groups do choose to do so and a good percentage of those are relatively successful. Those who will choose to integrate don’t need rules to be changed for their religion or their original culture’s ideas about the social relationships of men or women or anything else.

But too much of European policy actively discourages individuals from integrating just by changing rules of employment or dress codes or holiday schedules or by insisting on culturally appropriate educational content. The last is the worst, part of the traditional bargain of immigration is that the new country gets to socialize the children born there while European multicultural policies prevent that from happening. Preventing integration  might not have been the goal of multicultural programs but it’s clearly a major part of the results. Things won’t get better until the disaster so far is recognized. But there is no will in the political class to do so (probably because they are not directly affected so they don’t realize how bad things are at street level).


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2 Responses to Going About Integration the Wrong Way

  1. M. says:

    What makes you think the chaos and conflict caused by mass importation of disparate and often hostile cultures is unwanted by our rulers? By now it’s pretty obvious that this is what they want — divide and rule equals unlimited power and wealth — for THEM. All while claiming the most noble and humanitarian of motives.

    • cliff arroyo says:

      Hope…? The only functional (not nice but functional) response if that is finally determined to be the case is open rebellion which in Europe means voting in far right parties because they’re the only ones even addressing the issue.
      I might disagree with lots of things that the National Front or Swedish Democrats or AfD and other similar parties say, but if can be proven that EU leaders are purposefully trying to destroy functional national cultures then those parties are the only option left.
      I hate violence and reeeeeaaallllly want to avoid it, but it is acceptable in cases of Self-Defense…..

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