When Will We Reach Peak Weinstein?

The current hysteria about the sexuality of powerful men seems to have slowed a bit but is still moving steadily on. It’s failed (and will continue to fail) it’s primary aim of taking down Donald Trump by creating a groundswell against the pvssy grabber in chief because it’s just not an issue that resonates with most Americans.

As it’s been presented it’s not an issue that resonates with me even. Yeah, the performing arts (a field which now includes much of journalism) has always been a moral cesspool and I frankly don’t care if an interchangeable starlet or aspiring journalist had sex to get a role or job or had to put up with a nasty, skeazy horndog boss. I’m terrible yeah I don’t care. No one needs to land a movie role to put food on the table, it’s a facultative career and if sex for work is part of the career path then the best way to stop that is a boycott/strike rather than trying to turn it into an office job. Journalism has become another facultative career for the children of the well-connected so …. nyah don’t much care about that either. I very much do care about sexual harassment faced by working class women but no one in a celebrity fixated culture really cares about that and it will not be part of the current jihad. Not that I care much about the accusers either, with the single exception of (maybe) Garrison Keillor all the fallen worked long and hard to get their just deserts.

I am glad that some of the pedophile abusers of Hollywood might be getting some long delayed justice but another adult intern complaining about a sexually aggressive boss? Pass.

I think we’ll reach the peak when something like spectral evidence becomes accepted evidence for public attack and we’re getting very close already. Salma Hayek (who I liked in her breakout telenovela Teresa and…. not a lot else) has been trying to wring publicity from not being abused by Weinstein (I haven’t followed the specifics, correct me if I’m wrong). And Dahlia Lithwick is leading the charge against Alex Kozinski based on nothing happening between the two of them 20 years ago.

My current prediction is that the ultimate result of this will be strengthening of repressive gender norms where women are ‘protected’ by being kept out of the job market. At this point hiring a young woman is getting close to a guarantee of future charges. Just as all regulations on employment reduce overall employment (not a bad thing in moderation) public campaigns about a class of people being unhappy with working conditions leads to that class finding it harder to get work to be unhappy with.



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