I Don’t Understand Normies #217

Over at Marginal Revolution the question is raised as to why sexual reproduction is limited to pairs and not three party reproduction. In the comments a number of people offer explanations but all seem to assume that the question is about two males and one female reproducing or one male and two females…

The idea of three sexes existing (even hypothetically) doesn’t seem to occur to anyone. I guess that’s what comes from reading science fiction. I can think of two science fiction series that are based (at least partly) on the idea of species that use three sexes to reproduce (and humans interacting with them). The first is the Xenogenesis series (aka Lilith’s Brood) by the late, great Octavia Butler and the second are the two Mictlan novels by Stephen Leigh. And I’m not even a big science fiction fan, I enjoy it occasionally but I’ve never been a fan boy or anything.

All things considered, it can very, very difficult for some people to think of new ideas…


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1 Response to I Don’t Understand Normies #217

  1. Garr says:

    This one’s a three-sex story too (by Asimov):

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