The EU Doesn’t Do Foresight

I’m not against the idea of the EU in principle and agree with a lot of what it has achieved and think that if it were to collapse then Europe would be very much worse off very quickly.

On the other hand, it’s really striking how short-sighted the leaders of European institutions are. Time after time they seem incapable of grasping the simplest of ideas or perceiving where their policies will end up. As Douglas Murray points out the governments of Western European states never imagined that “guest workers” would stay in Europe after the brief periods they brought to work, which means they simply could not or would not understand how human nature and policy work together.

The architects of the Euro were so afflicted with hubris that they allowed countries in that never should have been and accepted the obvious lies of the Greek government (everybody knew they were lying but they thought the Euro’s juju would be so powerful that it could overcome it). They simultaneously thought that a non-transfer union was so realistic that they worked out no possible exit mechanisms which means that Southern Europe is now doomed to more or less permanent recession.

Similarly, the supposed best and brightest minds in Europe could not imagine that allowing unvetted migrants to enter and apply for asylum would result in people who would not qualify for asylum also showing up. This is a stunning lack of foresight and insight. It cannot be repeated enough that they seem almost unimaginably incompetent.

The EU also shares a lot of blame for the mess infecting Catalonia (to be sure both sides on the ground also have lots of blame to share). But for decades the EU has made a concentrated effort to simultaneously minimize the importance of national borders and encourage sub-national regional differentiation. How could this policy not lead to separatist movements? Yet here we are, Catalonia is now deeply divided with no signs of conciliation and Brussels is helpless to do anything but encourage the same type of authoritarian policy from an unresponsive Central Government that the EU was supposedly created to put an end to.

It takes a special type of stupid and pathology to let things go so far and I now assume they can’t foresee realistic results because they’re all sociopaths incapable of perceiving different points of view. So now they’re stuck in a bunch of dysfunctional, untenable situations and all the evidence is that they have no idea that they should be doing things any differently (never mind finding solutions they don’t even realize what the problems are).

As I said, in principle I’m in favor of the EU but those in charge of it seem to be actively sabotaging it.

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