Gorgeous Ladies of (Not Very Gorgeous) Wrestling

I’m finally getting around to watching GLOW. Back in the 1980s I enjoyed womens wrestling as much as the men (Sherri Martel and Velvet McIntyre especially) but they got short shrift on TV, as Jim Cornette said they were an attraction (come see the girls!) and not much effort was made to build story lines around them.

GLOW changed that but… the wrestling was pretty bad as wrestling with lots of wakward stumbling around and botches (moves gone wrong). But it wasn’t a promotion as such since the TV show was the product and not a hook to get people to go to the live shows (I don’t think they did live non-TV shows). And, let’s face it, the hook for most viewers were attractive you women in revealing poses….

Podobny obraz

Wrestlemania it ain’t… but it lasted four seasons….

Anywaaaay, despite all that the show is pretty great, maybe the best depiction of wrestling on TV or film ever. Allison Brie keeps making the case for being one of the premiere TV actresses of her generation (Mad Men, Community, Bojack Horseman… how many more favorites of mine will she be in?). She’s almost unrecognizable in the first couple of episodes but that’s just how good she is as a not very good but really ambitious and desperate actress clinging on to her last shot at…. whatever this will be.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania alison brie glow

Strindberg it ain’t…. but it’s a livin’

The main thing I like is that the show is starting to show that it understands the heart of professional wrestling which is working class theater. The best scene so far is after the big dumb post-apoctalyptic storyline is junked and Bash just starts looking for characters that work with the wrestlers themselves, teasing out elements of their personalities that can be exaggerated into ring personas. My favorites are Machu Picchu (they’re right, no way would she be a good heel) and Tammy (played by real wrestler Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong).

It started slow but I’m looking forward now to see how the rest of the season develops and will be looking forward to season two.


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