Unperson Crimethinks: “Feminists” Hardest Hit

I don’t know much about Margaret Atwood, back in 1991 I was in an airport about to head off to Poland when it occurred to me that I didn’t have any in-flight reading. I went to a newstand and picked up the Handmaid’s Tale because I’d recognized the name somehow (probably from publicity from the movie version around that time).

For a couple of months it was one of only a handful of books I had in English (most of the rest were academic) and I couldn’t read enough Polish at the time and so I became _very_ familiar with the odd little world she created.I’ve never read anything else by her because for the most part “literary” fiction is not my thing (too literal and too unreal and too obtuse all at the same time).

Now it appears that she’s got a bunch of feminists’ undies in a knot because she wrote an opinion piece with the following extremely patriarchal ideas.

Human women are human beings with the same capacity for good and evil as men,

Women have moral agency and are not in fact infants who require constant supervision and benevolent protection,

Due process matters, even in cases when a person is accused of something bad,

An awful lot of the “Me too” (not using the hashtag on purpose) amounts to mob justice,

Mob justice rarely brings good results in the long run.

For these incendiary positions Canadian “feminists” have declared her public enemy…. have put her pretty high on their public enemy list (we can’t have rankings because that’s probably patriarchal or some such nonsense).

This is a good example of both traditional feminity in English speaking North America (where younger women systematically dishonor and disrespect older women for status) and the bankrupt nature of modern feminism.

To answer the Question in Atwood’s article. You’re a fine feminist, it’s the movement that’s bad. The future of feminism is a twitterstorm on the face of Margaret Atwood forever.

Feminism as it was once called is dead. Everything dies there’s no reason to mourn. But recognize the fact, stop trying to resurrect the corpse and move on with something new.

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1 Response to Unperson Crimethinks: “Feminists” Hardest Hit

  1. Garr says:

    I doubt that women have the SAME capacity for good and evil as men, or the same sort of moral agency. Of course some women are morally better than others, so they must have some sort of capacity for good and evil and some sort of moral agency, but their moral agency seems to be confined to more a limited (private, interpersonal?) domain.

    Also, women DO seem to require some level of constant supervision and benevolent protection. The fact that they obviously want this supervision and protection strongly suggests that they need it.

    I like women and am glad that they are different from men, and that they need and want male supervision and protection. The world would be a less cheerful place otherwise. The stories that we’ve been telling for thousands of years wouldn’t have been as entertaining. All of these stories assume these differences.

    Women haven’t been well-supervised and protected lately, and they resent this …?

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