Merkel’s Terrible Policy Continues to Stink

Back in 2015 when Angela Merkel decided to run a limited scale open borders experiment the conventional wisdom was that this was one canny move. Germany would be raking in the money with all the ambitious human talent pouring acorss the borders.

Not working out to well now, no it’s not. The latest depressing bit of info is that out of 43,000 students in a special course to learn Germany (while living in Germany) and with up to 1300 hours of class time less than 20% were able to learn German at the B1 level (considered the bare minimum to enter the lowest rungs of the German job market).

Considering that Germany is all but completely unable to deport unwilling migrants (who do diabolically clever things like not show up for the deportation flight or move to another city and change the spelling of their name) it looks like Germany now has a full fledged social underclass of the type it hasn’t had since…. ever?

The more people Germany lets in as ‘refugees’ with minimal or no checking the larger this underclass will be. There is no up side. This is full blown disaster that German taxpayers will be paying dearly for forever. The people Merkel let in will not be the engineers and doctors of the future they will not even be the janitors of the future and Germany will be in far worse state than if it simply let the population drop some.



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3 Responses to Merkel’s Terrible Policy Continues to Stink

  1. We are expecting a continuous ‘asylum’ influx of about 200,000 individuals per year. This is somehow hailed as an end of the crisis. We are just told to shut up all the time.

    • cliff arroyo says:

      Well none of the supposed positive effects have worked out (nor or they ever likely to). What’s left but to tell people to shut up?
      Changing policy is clearly not on the German political table (for reasons that might make sense to someone) so repression of dissent is the only option. How fitting that a former East German should be in charge of policy that citizens dare not criticize….

      • Yes, how fitting. Her family moved from Hamburg to East Germany to support the system. She had privileges growing up. Merkel studied in Moscow. The family was even allowed to make holydays in Italy. According to her own words, she sat in the sauna when the wall fell. How fitting, indeed.

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