Values and Being

It’s always surprising how resistant people are to the idea that other people have different values than they do. I don’t exclude myself from this, it’s always been difficult and hard for me to figure out why people prefer states of affairs that I find pointless or dysfunctional or worse…

But eventually I can and do figure out that yes, this is the situation that person wants because it’s in accordance with values they have (and I don’t share). I stop trying to force my values on them or try to convince them that other (my) values are better. All said, I’m pretty much a live and let live kind of person.

But so many ideologies now (across the political and religious spectrum) are based on a blinkered worldview that can’t admit that other people don’t want the same thing that they do (whether political or social or personal) and that’s mostly okay (leaving out those cases that end up involving other people).

Getting inside another human being’s head is the hardest thing in the world and most people never try and those who do try fail most of the time.



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