Feminists Flopping and Flailing Furiously

To be very clear, I’m not a Jordan Peterson fan boy. I think a lot of his ideas are kind of ordinary (he’s a popularizer not a theorist) and a lot of his vision is really not for me. But what he says resonates with a lot of people and I recognized that earlier than some.

His interview on British TV (Channel 4) was the breakout moment where he emerged from youtube superstar and stepped into the mainstream arena. It’s easy to find so I won’t link to it, but it’s a marvel of verbal self-defense and unflappable calm against escalating hostile language. The interviewer tries time and time again to put words in his mouth and clearly was hoping to stop his career before it gets started. He doesn’t return her aggression and remains calm and slowly tries to pick apart each loaded sentence she attributes to him. And he’s unfailingly polite and they even share a semi-flirty moment of laughter toward the end.

The internet, being filled with idiots are of course making life difficult for the unfortunate person who interviewed him. Threats and insults are not especially deserved in this case but the internet’s gonna internet.

And then I saw this. It’s a laughable attempt to re-imagine the interview and the response as a last gasp of evil patriarchy against the triumphant light of feminism. It would be funny if it weren’t so deluded. Interestingly the comments are pretty rough on it so I don’t have to be.

As I keep saying, no pendulum swings one way forever, it’s not possible for society to ride a wave of ever-increasing progressivism. Right now, the progressives among us (I count myself in some ways) need to do some prioritizing about what to save against the coming counter-cultural wave.

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2 Responses to Feminists Flopping and Flailing Furiously

  1. Garr says:

    Peterson and his interviewer seemed to me to like each other, and women aren’t supposed to think things through carefully — they’re supposed to cheer on the men that lead their own team — so I don’t know why people would find fault with her (the interviewer) for being exactly the way a woman in that position would be expected to be.

    Peterson is on the other team, so of course she had to show the men who lead her own team that she’s emotionally opposed to him; at the same time, you can tell that she’s kind of signalling to him that if his team wins the war he can have her, and he’s aware of this and sort of signals this back to her. When he tells her that she’s “disagreeable” and she agrees it’s like they’re both imagining the moment at which, after his team has won the war, he’s taken possession of her and is pleasantly punishing her for having been disagreeable. She anticipates the disciplinary process.

  2. Garr says:

    Women’s political opinions are inconsequential, and nobody should get at all upset about them. A more interesting question is whether men’s political opinions matter at all. Probably not. Nobody cares what Virgil’s or Ovid’s political opinions might have been, and as for the political opinions of Augustus or Attila — well, those guys were such boring turds that nobody cares about them at all, really. It’s too bad that everybody’s so upset about politics these days. I guess nobody really knows what to do with his mind — it’s not like one can concentrate on making a fine pair of shoes or horseshoes or harvesting the oats — so people blow off their energy this way.

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