Oh Goody…. We’re About To Be Preached At!

This story makes it clear that human drama and political wrangling aside, the plight of the dreamers is about to become grist for the Hollywood TV mill. I’m sure there are some interesting stories and some potential and I’m pretty sure none of it will be realized as the shows opt for saintly people who are more deserving than most citizens being cruelly oppressed by that mean old government and maybe ole man Trump himself.

Now I would love it if a serious program to both give the dreamers a realistic path to citizenship but I would also like the legislation enforced and tightened so that fecklessness is not rewarded in the future.

And immigration could be an interesting topic if it were handled more interestingly but Hollywood hasn’t done immigration or immigrants in an interesting way in…. ever. It’s all bright eyes and comical attempts to assimilate and none of the doubts, alienation and trauma that accompanies even the easiest immigration.

I plan on going out of my way to miss all these unless I hear great things from non-stupid people about them.


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