Democrats Want Americans To Hate Dreamers

That seems like a very odd tactic for a party that supposedly has their best interest at heart (while scuppering workable deals for unclear reasons). But apparently it’s the plan.

Is there no one in the Democratic party establishment who can see how this will play out? Making a stand for a foreign crook who’s successfully put off a richly deserved deportation for over 12 years and then has the cojones to put himself forward as an advocate for immigrant rights?

The more or less law-abiding are going to hear Velazquez’s “We will not be intimidated.” as “We don’t need your stinking laws, we’ll get here any way we can and you’ll never get rid of us!”. Not the tactic I’d take but to each their own.

They really want Trump to win big in 2020 is the only explanation I can perceive.


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1 Response to Democrats Want Americans To Hate Dreamers

  1. The really depressing thing is that Trump can behave really badly and the most dangerous thing the Democrats can throw at him is Liz Poccahontas Warren.

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