Democrats Make A Bold Stand For Neoliberalism

Phillip Mirowski says that one of the tactics of neoliberalism is to ‘flood the zone’ with policy proposals so that any solution to a particular problem chosen by the left or right is liable to have its origins in neoliberal thought. I think a good example of this is the current de facto open borders mania of the Democrats. Open borders has traditionally been the hobby horse of semi-autistic libertarians and their pursuit of ideologically consistent (rather than functional and workable) policy. It’s also been a favorite of the big business right wing which can never have too many fungible worker bees (especially ones who don’t make a fuss about their rights and who can be easily replaced if they do). Now it’s become the motivation for the Democrats’ otherwise insane behavior.

Trump has made at least one (maybe more) very reasonable offers to sort out the Dreamers (who most Americans would really like to help) and the Democrats are instead steadfastly refusing any kind of deal that has the slightest hint of any kind of border controls or reduction of immigration in the future.

The single minded mania with which they’re pursuing the erasure of national borders as an impediment to movement and the subsequent inevitable erosion of worker rights would do credit to the spergiest of laissez faire capitalists. And… they’re doing it in the name of progressivism for people who can’t even vote for them (and probably wouldn’t if they ever could).

It sounds like something from a political satire or dystopian science fiction novel and it’s happening right now in the sight of God and the world…. interesting times.

This also brings the momentum in the current political realignment back to the Republicans (despite the leadership’s misgivings). Taking care of de facto Americans in trouble due to the irresponsible actions of their parents and wanting to limit the inflow of immigrants is the kind of communitarian policy that the country wants. Open borders (no matter what it’s called) is something that the majority doesn’t want and seeing the Democrats fight so hard for it dooms them to be the status quo Wall Street party despite themselves. It’s also probably more evidence that Hillary Clinton is going to run again (no matter what she says).

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