Unified Grand Theory of Modern Sex and Gender

I have the idea that in the West (broadly defined) androgyny and gender bending and the social interchangeability of the sexes have gone about as far as they can go and most of the cultural momentum now is about retreat back into traditional gender roles. This is playing out in different ways and for different reasons and with different goals across the political spectrum but it’s all going in that direction.

On the Right there are things like MRAs and PUAs (if that’s still a thing, is that still a thing?) but most of what the Left is embracing are things that also lead right back to traditional gender roles and the idea that women need to be modest (hijab-o-mania among supposed feminists) and need special protection #metoo!metoo!  around male predators (which is all of them). Even transgender rights are about strict conformity to socially approved outer norms of behavior. Intersectionality in practice has come to mean a complex system of social etiquette of the type that women traditionally set up to compete with each other in public.

I’m sure that many feminists would not be delighted to know that feminism in practice is now largely about reinforcing and enforcing gender etiquette but as they say people don’t make social change…. social change makes people.


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4 Responses to Unified Grand Theory of Modern Sex and Gender

  1. Garr says:

    But in the past you could find a mate by following the rules of the complex system correctly. How is that going to fall into place now?

    Yes, I agree, there have never really been any Pick Up Artists; it was all a hoax. Of course, alcoholic men and alcoholic women have always done a lot of sexual mixing and matching, but that’s different.

    Speaking of the PUA hoax, it’s kind of funny how a lot of the thumbnail bios of the kids posting at Return of Kings say things along the lines of “… travels the world having sex with an endless series of beautiful sweet-tempered women ….” I’ve noticed that they’ve removed the “A Site For Masculine Men” subtitle from the home-page heading. I guess one doesn’t have to be especially masculine now to have a right to read the posts, which is nice.

    • cliff arroyo says:

      If I’m correct, I’m expecting a return of formal (flesh and blood) matchmakers who will find suitable mates for serious minded young men and women who don’t want to get caught up in Tinder or hook up bars.
      It might be called something else and something else might be going on on the surface but at its heart it will be – making connections between serious marriage minded young people (who have never been historically good at finding partners without heavy societal guidance which is now missing).

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