My Life As A Trend Predictor

I made an offhand comment that with the advent of Neo-Victorian values (manifested in different ways across the political spectrum) I would expect something like matchmaking services to return. By that I meant people who make a business out of personalized introductions to pre-vetted  customers. I don’t mean anything like computer dating or dating coaches but people (probably women) who create networks of eligible people interested in marriage and make suitable introductions.

Then I googled NYC matchmaking and found this.

A quick browse suggests these are more professionals and part of their services are dating coaches for men (who, it’s pretty clear, are most of the clients). Probably this includes diplomatically excising woman repelling habits they might have.

This is also almost too literal, I was thinking of something not quite so obvious and something more middle class.



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1 Response to My Life As A Trend Predictor

  1. Garr says:

    Ha ha:
    “I was matching this guy who couldn’t get past the first date, if he could even get a first date at all. I was more than happy to play wingwoman with him, go to events and help him get his feet wet. He has allowed his confidence to build and he has come back to me and said that he’s been getting out of the friend-zone, meeting women on his own, and has a total sense of confidence now.”

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