Cognitive and Interface Dissonance

This is a pretty good article on the supposed feminist nature of the hijab. The way it is written is kind of agonizing as you can feel the author trying to make their way through a crowded place full of barefoot people without stepping on any toes. But nonetheless there’s some good stuff, especially the part of supposedly feminist women wearing hijab as a symptom of cognitive dissonance (the result of staying in a religion their education seems to disqualify for them – trying to ascribe progressive values to regressive practices so their status as highly educated and religiously observant won’t clash so much in their own minds).

Unfortunately the site the article appears on was designed by a miserable misanthrope who hates the idea of people reading long thoughtful articles. The format is probably phone friendly which means brain hostile. Only small bits are visible at any one time and attempts to scroll are met with white spaces and and then losing your place and trying to scroll back up a little and ending up back at the very beginning. I gave up trying to read it at the site – I copied it and dumped it into word and printed it because… that was easier than trying to navigate the misbegotten sludgeheap that the site thinks readers want. Readers don’t want that, mouth-breathing phone-slaves might but readers want (and deserve!) better formats.

This is what psychologists call a double bind, you are drawn in by interesting content and then slapped with formatting that’s actively hostile to the reader.

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