More on La Trêve

La Trêve is seriously getting under my skin. I’ve just seen the seventh episode. About halfway through the sixth and all through the sevent things get very harrowing and chaotic and I’m discounting lots of things I was assuming.

This is so far much darker than Trapped, which had an unambiguous hero who was going to do what he thought was right no matter the personal cost. There are no heroes here and the central character of Peeters is shaping up as an out of control monster, maybe not of his own making since he’s trying to self-medicate his grief over his dead wife with his own improvized cocktail of drugs that he’s seen guzzling anytime he thinks no one is looking but nonetheless he’s become a danger to himself and everyone around him and there’s no mystery why he’s been institutionalized (though the exact nature of the institution is left ambiguous).

I’m wondering if there’s some kind of wordplay with the title in the original since rêve means dream, if I’m not mistaken and each episode begins with a dream (nightmare really) of a different character and their relationship to Driss whose death initiated the collective nightmare in town. But I don’t know French anywhere near well enough to work out the double meaning if there is one.

I just realized that the movie this reminds me most of is Werner Herzog’s Heart of Glass, which depicted a medieaval village’s collective descent into madness. I don’t know if the show can maintain this quality for the remaining three episodes but it’s one of the more amazing things I’ve seen in…. oh, a long time.

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