Is the Non-Binary Eating Itself?

Recently at a respectable (in the Victorian sense) supposedly feminist blog which I’d rather not link to, readers were advised to remember in comments to a post on childbirth that “not only women give birth”. A query about this odd comment was made and met with a reminder that a “trans man” could give birth and that in fact the proper form is “trans man” not transman or trans-man. This is, I read, because trans is just an adjective the way tall or fat is because trans men are simply men like any other men (except, I guess, for not having testicles and having a birth canal).

This is just one more little instance (among many) that shows how modern “feminism” is getting more and more gender essentialist by the day.  The new line in the sand being drawn by feminists is just as rigid and inhumane as the old line in the sand, it just has a different basis. Rather than reproductive and social functions it’s just changed to self-image and…. social function. This attitude reminds me of the Albanian women who took on male social roles (usually because there was no biological man available). They were regarded socially as men and had to follow all the dreary, traditional restrictions that came with that role including socializing only with men and not being allowed to do things like cook or clean.

Modern feminism has the same approach to gender as an Albanian mountain village in teh 1800s. Quite the accomplishment.


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