Is All Our Democracy Belong to Russia?

I cannot say I really care about the various Russian scandals. It’s not that I like Russia or think that it’s worth emulating. It’s a mostly terrible country which has never had anything resembling civil society. Many individual Russian people might be nice and perfectly acceptable human beings but they’ve never had a government that hasn’t been 156 types of terrible. And the worse part is that doesn’t bother most Russians who have remained strangely placid and passive in the face of hundreds of years of tyranny. Whatever, their country their choice.

But I don’t care because my own country, the United States of America interferes in other countries elections all the time. It even helped falsify an election in Russia in the 1990s to prevent the probable winner, a self-described communist, from taking power (in retrospect it probably would have been better to let him win).

If you’re going to mess in other countries you need to be ready for them to try to meddle back (or obtain influence in whatever way they can). If a society has been dumbed down enough (on purpose largely by the same people getting the vapors about Russia) to nominate Hillary Clinton (way past her expiration date) and Donald Trump then worrying about Facebook bots or paid trolls is kind of pathetic. There are no horses in the barn, no reason to close the door.


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