Delaying Tactics

Around a year ago I was asked to give a paper at a symposium/conference and I chose a kind of new topic for me as a test balloon (to see if I was interested enough in it to continue and to see if there was any audience interest in the idea). The talk went pretty well, a little better than I’d imagined and then I got busy with other things and didn’t really continue.  At the time they were soliciting papers to publish in conference proceedings but I declined because I didn’t yet feel qualified to put my name in writing on the topic.

I had assumed that was the end of it but then a month or so ago a colleague connected to the conference strong-armed me into writing it up (too many participants didn’t submit papers and too many that had been submitted had been turned down in the review process). I finally grudgingly wrote something up and submitted it under the assumption that the reviewer would rightly point out my inexperience and the tentative nature of it all and turn it down (or at the least suggest major revisions that would disqualify it for deadline reasons). No such luck, the reviewer suggested publishing with minor revisions… and that’s why I didn’t post for the last two weeks.

I have a vast and dazzlingly rich repertoire of avoidance tactics and I deployed them all rather than do the minor revisions required (which only took a couple of hours once all my desperate diversions had run out). What I discovered (or rediscovered) is that blogging isn’t part of my avoidance tactics.

I’m not sure why that’s the case but it does seem to be. I enjoy blogging though often when I have the time to do it all the great ideas I had for posts have flittered through the air to some other place. Still, I only seem to actually put out posts when I don’t have other pressing work problems to deal with.

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