Overheard in a Polish Bakery

While on a walk I was feeling peckish and so I stopped at a bakery for something to nibble on like a cheese roll. Since Easter is approaching they had a bunch of fresh mazurki and the person ahead of me asked for one.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania mazurek

You’re going to eeeaaat that?????

The lady behind the counter got out a little cardboard box and the customer stopped her.

“Just put it in a bag” he said.

“A baaaaaggg????” the lady said in a stunned voice, he might as well have asked her to smear it in his hair.

“Yeah, I’m gonna eat it on the way” he explained.

“Eeeeaaaat it?” (do jedzeeeeenia?) she asked hopelessly confused and more than a little horrified. Nonetheless she did as he asked.

“Smacznego (bon appetit)…” she volunteered  as he left in the type of voice usually reserved for dealing with the deranged but harmless.

I think she was confused because most people seem to use them more for decoration than to eat and after a few days of sitting on the table they become as dry and hard as concrete… and just about as appetizing, I tried eating one many years ago and was afraid I’d break a tooth and never tried again.

Still, something in the interaction piqued my interest and so I asked for a mazurek too. I did let her put in a box (how many shocks could the poor lady stand in one day?). But once out of sight of the bakery took it out and ate it. And, fresh and still soft it wasn’t bad. Not great or something I’d look forward to but not the dessicated horror that I had remembered either.


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