Twitter, Rosanne and Reliving Trauma

Actors and actresses (or any kind of performers) have never been known for their down to Earth good sense and anyone expecting any kind of coherent political guidance from them (or who thinks they can or should be public political role models) is a dangerous idiot. That’s one reason why when an actress posted something dumb on a social media site so many (hope) otherwise normal people thought it was actually meaningful and it turned into a major political story.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania porcupine sex

If the twitter mob ever comes for me they can do this.

Her twit was dumb but not worth one millionth the attention it got. It wasn’t even a sentence and people are treating it as if she’d drawn up a blueprint for genocide.

Part of me thinks that part of the reaction is people reliving the 2016 shock loss (to them) of Hillary Clinton. It’s clear that became a major point of personal (maybe collective) trauma for people and as sometimes happens with people in the grip of trauma is they want to rerun the incident with the ‘right’ outcome in hopes of being able to move on (this is my theory based on examples I’ve observed and participated in). Destroying Roseanne’s career became a way of turning Trump’s victory into the defeat they think he deserves.

It also has once more made clear that apologizing to any social media mob is pointless. I don’t think I’ll ever be the object of a social media storm but if I am there is no way on Earth I would ever give the idiots stirring things up the satisfaction of being able to reject my apology. “I stand by what I said and if you don’t like it you can go fuck a porcupine! You depraved idiots!”. It wouldn’t help but it wouldn’t hurt and would be a lot more satisfying.

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