What I’ve Been Watching: Czech Rust Belt Dysfunction Edition

I just finished the Czech series Pustina (Wasteland) and am completely blown away. Set in an unloveley area of the Czech Republic close to the border with Poland it is about a village whose economic base has collapsed and the adults have degenerated into shabby poverty, stewing in resentment and long-running petty feuds and have no idea what their children are up to (drugs mostly, there is an ongoing meth epidemic in that part of the Czech Republic).

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pustkowie poprawczak

A Polish strip mining company wants to buy out the residents and raze the village for the coal underneath and many residents would like nothing better than a cash payout and a new start somewhere else, even if only a few kilometers away in a slightly less decayed town. The main opponent of the company is the mayor, Hana Sikorová who wants to preserve the local way of life.

On the day the local council is to vote on whether to have a referendum on selling out to the company or not the mayor’s younger daughter disappears.

The rest of the series is about finding those responsible and is probably the most devastating TV series I’ve ever seen (and makes True Detective look like a sitcom). I’ll definitely write more about this, but for now run out and see this. See this.

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