My German Problem and Ours

If you live in Europe you have to spend time thinking about Germany. It’s the largest (in population) country and unquestioned economic motor of the whole EU…. and it’s just not a normal country, there I said it.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania most german thing ever

The German approach to everything…

Ironically enough the diagnosis as to what makes it so weird can be found in the Hegelian dialectic. Again and again once Germans find a thesis they’re blind to (or reject) any kind of antithesis and so they can never reach any kind of synthesis. They just pursue the thesis headlong until its natural conclusion or beyond or until outside forces make them change direction (and they go charging off again).

This is why after WWII West Germany became the most Americanized capitalist country in Europe, devoted to consumption and prosperity with a drive that other continentals couldn’t match. East Germany on the other hand became the most Orwellian Dystopia of the Eastern Bloc where at any given time half the population was spying on and anonymously denouncing the other half. Reunited it’s become an unrelenting pusher of greater and greater EU integration, reacting with bovine ignorance at countries that are less enthusiastic at erasing their national heritage.

Hoping to become multi-cultural (the ‘right way’) they make the unilateral decision to take on all comers in a real life Hunger Games rush to their temporarily open borders.

Germany,  there’s a lot I like about you, but stop being so intense and single minded. It’s not reassuring. Just relax and try to be a normal, fucking, country for once.

Usless, I know, Germans are gonna German but every once in a while I have to say it…

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