Spain’s Turn in the Barrel

The new socialist prime minister has taken it upon himself to make the Spain the new focus of migration from Africa (mostly economic migrants who try to make it to Europe by paying human trafficking networks who are aided by European criminal groups and NGO do gooders to keep their trade in human flesh flourishing).

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania violento salto en ceuta

They had to get violent with the police to get into Europe, but now they’ll become law-abiding and productive residents? Do you believe that?

He’s ignoring the heightened aggression and violence on the part of migrants trying to force their way into Europe (like the several hundred who attacked police with containers of human excrement and quicklime). And now he’s promised them free health care and that their asylum applications will be appraised individually.

Every other European country that has put itself in this position has lived to regret it. Italy, Germany and Sweden, among others, have gone that extra humanitarian, non-nationalistic mile and the result has been astonishment that so many! still are trying to make it to Europe followed by the polarization of the political scene and the marginalization of traditional social democratic parties.

I have no idea why Spain thinks it will be immune to this and his party would do well to reign him in before he cripples Spain’s post posterity Euro economy and consigns his own party to the dustbin of history.

Start the clock…

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