Pictures of my food: Fusion it up with Turko-Polish Turkey

A surprising number of Polish dishes can be traced to Turkey (and further East but we’ll stop at Turkey for historical reasons). For example kotlet mielony (ground cutlet) is pretty obviously a Northern version of Turkish köfte.

Here is my modified take on them. Rather than the usual Polish mixture of pork and beef I use ground turkey and mix it with grated (and maybe dried roasted) onion, maybe grated carrot or celery, breadcrumbs, spices and egg.


Not pretty at this stage, no.

Of late I’ve taken to chopping up massive amounts of fresh herbs (esp parsely and dill) and mixing those in at the end. Then I put portions in a bowl with flour in it and roll it around and shape the cutlets by hand. The idea is not to use too much flour which makes them gummy but just enough to help them hold together until you cook them.

Here are some I made a while ago. The four on the left are made with dill and the four on the right have parsely in them but I’d run out of breadcrumbs so I improvized with a kind of wheat flake cereal which worked out fine.


Ready for civilized company….

After they rest in the fridge for at least half an hour I fry them in a little oil. The ones with dill can also be poached in bullion (lower fat) but frying brings out the parsely taste very nicely.

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