If You Build An Identity, People Will Assume It

Remember the early days of the internet? Before the normies got their boring little paws on it and dumbed it down into a glorified refrigerator door cum ad delivery system it was like an alternative dimension machine. You could start fooling around with random search terms and you could find yourself dealing with realities you never realized existed. Some were funny, some were profoundly disturbing and some just weird.

I remember one example when searching for something else I came across anorexia positive pages which changed everything I thought I new about that condition. Something like that happened at least once a month or so back in the 1990s.

Anyhoo, back at that time I read an article that described that if you create a condition and give a name to it, some people, who discover that a particular condition is described and has a name will ascribe this new identity to themselves and conform to that condition no matter how irrational it might seem to others. Crucially this refers to people who had never given any thought to the features of the condition and who would probably never think of it on their won. The article was specifically the phenomena of people who liked to chop off parts of their bodies, usually toes and fingers joint by join (or all at a go) and in extreme cases they wanted to lose entire limbs. Apparently a large percentage of people who were engaged in this only thought of it once they’d stumbled across a page or web-ring devoted to it.

That’s what the controversy over Rapid Gender Onset Dysphoria reminded me of. Once I thought about it for five seconds…. of course some number of people who claim a condition (especially a cohort known for discontent, rebellion and conformism) are doing so because they’re looking for an identity to pour out their anxiety into.

What’s scary is the attacks on this perfectly reasonable hypothesis and what’s even scarier is a university losing its balls and giving into crowd hysteria. The US is rapidly degenerating into non-scientific irrationality (and non-legal morality but that’s a separate post).  It’s part of the collective regression to infantilized morality of “I want it!” an inflexible demand that cannot be addressed or reasoned with only appeased.

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1 Response to If You Build An Identity, People Will Assume It

  1. el says:

    Would love to read what you mean by “non-legal morality”.

    I rarely comment, but regularly read and enjoy your posts.

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