Overheard at a Hotel in Sardinia

During my Italian vacation It was funny to hear some of the more status conscious guests trying to one up each other. At one point, a particularly insufferable guy was showing everybody pictures he’d taken on his phone of the beaches he had driven to that day and others started mentioning their plans to make the most of their time by spending most of it in expensive rental cars on winding roads that demand all a driver’s attention.

One young woman was trapped in the conversation but couldn’t compete because she and her husband were there with a toddler who was at the stage where they need constant supervision lest they cause massive destruction.

She finally couldn’t take it anymore and kind of blurted out: “I can recommend New Zealand!”

It brought the procedings to a halt the same way a fart in church does and there was an awful moment of silence before picture guy flashed his next beach conquest for everyone to admire.

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