My Midterm Elections Post Will Seem Insightful… Someday

I have no freaking idea what will happen and I’m not sure what I want to happen either. Of course I’m sick of Republican Reagonomic Neoliberalism but the Democrats are (at least in the media that I get) doubling down on hard identity politics which I don’t like either. I’d like something like a return to Social Democracy (the New Deal paradigm) but both parties are fighting that as hard as they can.

My favorite result might be something that is seen as a loss for the leadership of both parties but I’m not sure what that would look like.

Meanwhile, some people want to show how little they understand the US political system, even as they make a living supposedly from informing people about it.

There is no such thing as a “house popular vote” except as a heuristic for judging party support as a percentage of the general population – which is not indicative of much of anything worth knowing about when races are run by district. Of course both parties gerrymander as much as they can but some kind of  get away with but that’s no reason to eliminate districts and it’s no reason for votes from one election to carry over to another.

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