Past versus Future

How are Muslims better than Chinese for Putin?

In the social science it’s called ‘longterm orientation’ (or future time orientation and there are other names too)
Muslim societies tend to not have much in the way of future orientation and tend toward being poorly organized and are especially incompetent in carrying out nation state like functions (perhaps why they are adored by proponents of fluidity as collectively they don’t fit into well run nation states and subvert them by their very presence). They tend to be slow on innovation or adoption of superior technologies and economically tend to get bogged down in bazaar style interactions. they long for a return of a glorious past but have no idea how to carry it out.
The Chinese are extremely oriented toward the future (at least since they’ve abandoned Mao*) tend to be far better organized and economically dynamic and while tremendously innovative they are good at adopting outside technology and making it their own.
And they are expansive and hungry (for influence and power).
Of course there are many individual exceptions, but at the global level the Muslim world is mired in backwardness and traditionalism while the Chinese are dynamic and forward looking.

*and Mao’s initiatives as terrible and disastrous as they were were all future oriented as well

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