In Which Our Hero Comes to a Chilling Conclusion….

I was thinking of writing about Macron’s nationalism vs patriotism rant but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say. Then I saw this and realized “That’s right! I have no idea what riots in France are about and no English language source is telling me”. The Polish media is a little better in giving an idea of the scale of the unrest but no better in describing why it’s happening beyond “lez crazy Fronch and zeir strikes!” The media is treating this is another example of people doing things for no particular reason…

Podobny obraz

We are ze Fronsh, we like ze cheese, ze Jerry Lewis and ze riots for no raison…

I went to a site that specifically supposed to give information about goings on in France and it was no use. I went to youtube and there was nothing explanatory except if you put in French riots 2018 you find there have been riots going on various parts of the country several times in the last year.

Then I realized what Macron meant about patriotism vs nationalism and why he wants an EU army. Distinguishing nationalism and patriotism doens’t make much sense to most English speakers (especially Americans) as the modern meaning has mutated into a synonym for ‘country’. I’m assuming in French that it still has the meaning ‘group of people with a shared history, language, culture’ (something like ‘ethnic group’ but more important). So Macron’s vision is about a Europe where people express loyalty to political rather than national/ethnic institutions and to current leaders (comme Macron même) rather than historical legacy.

It also made me suspect why he’s now talking up an “EUArmy”. A couple of years ago I suggested that if western European leaders don’t change course they could be facing open rebellion from the citizenry within two to five years and…. they’re not changing course.

In short, I think Macron wants an EU army because he’s afraid that civil unrest in France is not going to go away by itself and that at some point he won’t be able to count on the French army to put down a rebellion by French citizens… so he wants an integrated EU force to do it.

That might be reaching a bit, but it’s a hypothesis that fits the facts (as I understand them). As always I welcome counter arguments and/or more information on what’s going on in France…

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3 Responses to In Which Our Hero Comes to a Chilling Conclusion….

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  2. el says:

    Somebody else had also come to the same conclusion:

    // One clue is that Macron and Merkel are talking about only an army – no navy or air force. If you don’t have an air force, then you don’t get far on the ground. That is the first clue about whom they think the new E.U. army will be fighting. It won’t be any country with an air force.

    Another clue is the E.U. crackdown on private ownership of guns. The E.U. even coerced Switzerland into changing its gun laws. The E.U. restricts Swiss access to the European market to get what it wants.

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