What Will the New Year Bring?

Ever since Hillary Clinton (who I actually supported at one time) lost to Donald Trump, political writing in the US has been getting more and more hysterical. The current focal point (after the long term nothingness of Russian collusion has bored everyone but zealots to death) is the ongoing series of caravans (I read a new one is just about to get started). There’s also the fact that the left is officially turning into a bunch of warmongering neocons. There’s more, but it’s all so wearisome…

Over here in Europe I increasingly have the impression that more and more countries are undergoing their own collective nervous breakdowns… Spain has been freaking me out with nihilistic films and tv shows that use the metaphor (Spain is a Death Trap!) and the UK keeps getting more and more unhinged about Brexit which should be a non-issue (give them a Norway or Switzerland like status and be done with it), and France has an ongoing citizen revolt (that hasn’t gone away even if the media is doing its best to not cover it). Germany seems relatively stable but is about to try to outsource its army and I don’t trust Merkel to gracefully leave office for a second.

I’m thinking that this isn’t healthy and more and more I’ve been having the idea that we’re building up to something…. I don’t know if it’s gonna blow in the next year or keep on simmering and maybe die down. The year 2019 could be a very wild ride… I’m hoping it settles down and people get a grip but I’m not super optimistic about that…

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