Weird Old Guys

Was walking around with a friend who brightened up seeing a bar that was offering grzane wino (mulled wine).

“I was there with friends from work, they had Chartreuse, let’s go in and see!” he said.

I followed suspecting nothing. Then he started talking to the barmaid who looked to be in her 20s.

“I was here a couple of years ago” he began looking around. “There was a different name then and things were arranged differently, but maybe you still have Chartreuse?”

“Huht” she asked skeptically.

“It’s a French herbal liqueur…”

“No, we don’t have that” she said in that tone people reserve for the demented but probably harmless.

Outside I asked what he’d been thinking…

“I thought you meant you’d been there a couple of weeks ago, not a few years ago.”

“I thought they still might have it…” he said.

“Now we look like weird old guys who go around bothering young people with irrelevant stories while they try to look understanding while hoping we’ll just leave them alone.”

I work around people in their early 20s all the time and absolutely didn’t need to start the New Year with an outside reminder that I’m getting old…

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