Tuck You, Mother Tucker!

For a long time I’d heard of Tucker Carlson but had little idea who he was beyond a Fox commentator with a face for radio. Then I began seeing references to him in terms of the emerging national populist movement but still wasn’t that interested. Then I started hearing about a great monologue he did at the beginning of the year.

I’ve I’ve finally had a chance to listen to it.

The good is that it’s the single clearest statement of the discontents caused by neoliberalism. Some might say it longer, or better, or more academically or with more emotional force but it’s the single best introduction to the topic for general audiences that I’ve heard (I didn’t watch it I listened while doing other stuff which is my usual MO when the visuals aren’t critical).

The bad is that it won’t convince anyone who doesn’t already think that neoliberalism is a social (and moral) dead end that needs to be replaced (there’s no fixing it anymore than there was any way to fix Polish socialism in 1989). Neoliberal progressives will dredge up some sexist incident form 50 years ago or some racist public policy from 60 years ago  (and ignore the fact that Obama facilitated the largest transfer of wealth from working people to financial elites in the nation’s history). Neoliberal conservatives will cackle to themselves that they’ve got their jack and if you don’t then too bad for you (and dream of the glory days of Rush Limbaugh) and dream of war with Iran.

Tucker just isn’t charismatic enough to be the carrier of the message for a large audience (so…. no, no Tucker 2024 or 2020). It’s good as an info point for the intellectually curious or as a data point for those whose minds might be eventually changed.

A charismatic politician who knows how Washington works and who can think on his feet and isn’t encumbered by a massive ego could easily take this message to the White House. And I hope one does.





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3 Responses to Tuck You, Mother Tucker!

  1. Clarissa says:

    I told you the monologue was worth the time. I also read his book, expecting to hate it and was stunned by how much I agreed with it.

    The funny thing is that this is what the most progressive lefties were saying twenty years ago. The book is very similar to Michael Moore’s early stuff or Bernie Sanders back in the 1990s. Then progressives switched to the neoliberal side and became neoliberalism’s most faithful fans. There’s been a vacuum in anti-neoliberal thinking that intensified with the deeply neoliberal Obama who was supposed to be the model progressive.

    And now it seems like a strong anti-neoliberal current is emerging on the right. I’m excited because I never expected conservatism to shed its worship of the free market dogma.

    Yes, it’s true that Tucker probably won’t change many minds. But it’s pretty major that a media personality with a nationwide audience is saying these things. I’ve been tracking the response, and the denunciations of Tucker from the right are absolutely rabid. They know they are in the wrong and can’t keep cheering for neoliberalism while retaining their voters. Simply because their voters aren’t rich enough to be fans of fluidity.

  2. Clarissa says:

    I love the post’s title, too.

  3. cliff arroyo says:

    I never examined his positions enough (since I knew he had no chance against Hillary in the primaries) did/does Sanders have anti-neoliberal leanings? His recent apologies seem to say…. no, or if he does they’re under wraps.

    In Europe from what I can tell Italy’s Salvini is the leading voice against neoliberalism (not entirely consistently but better than nothing). What he doesn’t realize is that despite the narrative the current Polish government is doing what it can to push fluidity – in addition to all the Ukrainians it’s issued hundreds of thousands of visas in the Indian subcontinent for ‘students’ (actually cheap labor) and is trying to facilitate large scale Filipino migration…

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