Destructive Narcissism

(CN: extreme vagueness in the interest of anonymity for all concerned… as much as possible)

The place I work was officially… ‘abolished’ in late December. This has been followed by a whole bunch of tedious time-wasting meetings dealing with the fallout. My employment has never been an issue (as one colleague put it: I’m not worried about my job, I’m worried about who I’ll be working for…). As far as can be told, the entire affair was caused by a single narcissist involved in a personal dispute with the head of the department (rough translation Polish university divisions have almost nothing in common with American ones).

After the latest meetings last week, and talking to a few people Friday I have an idea that things will probably be resolved relatively soon with the place being reconstructed in a very similar form which raises the question… what all that fuss was about (apart from creating a set of deep personal and professional rifts in what had always been a pretty nice place to work). If that doesn’t work I’ve gotten a few offers for a place within a newer entity that might take its place and which would likely allow me to not have anything to do with the characters that brought all this about.

The whole thing has been a lesson on how to never underestimate the damage a single malignant narcissist can do (especially when there is a perfect storm of poor administrative decisions  (the administrator who ‘abolished’ the unit has as much as admitted it wasn’t the best option) and a couple of opportunists who think they can use the narcissist for their own… incomprehensible purposes (no one I’ve talked to has any idea what the motivations of another key administrator can be beyond destruction for the sake of destruction).

It’s been an education… of sorts.

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