No Change on Not Changing for Climate Change

No matter what people say, no significant actions on climate change will be made. The main reason for this is that almost no one wants to change their own behavior. In sociological terms this is called the Desirable (that iswhat other people should do) while the Deisred (what people really want) is to not change themselves.

Every single proposal I’ve seen (even if accepted and implemented this second) would be insufficient. No plastic straws? Well howdeedoo and merry christmas! There are rivers all over the third world where the water is hidden from view under piles of plastic bottles and other garbage and no more straws won’t change that.

Carbon offsets? Enough to make a maggot puke – IIRC just a couple of hours of jet travel a year to completely overcome an individual’s efforts to lessen their carbon footprint.

The only strategy with any chance of success in terms of climate would involve wrenching changes to almost everyone’s quality of life and of course no one wants that. Who wants no possibility for travel beyond walking, horses, bikes and electric mass transportation?

Who wants having to spend hours every day cultivating small gardens to make up for not being able to fly vegetables across the continent?

Who wants to have to learn to use looms or foot powered sewing machines to make clothes because container ships from China use too much oil?

There’s no way to significantly curtail carbon consumption without forcing vast track of humanity into semi-permanent peasanthood – tilling the soil and doing without. I’m no exception, I don’t want to live like a medieval peasant for the sake of an uncertain future – but I realize and accept my limitations and don’t expect others to be ready to make sacrifices I don’t want to make myself.

There’s always the chance of a miraculous technological breakthrough which will make today’s concerns irrelevant, but without that climate change will happen and all people can do is… be prepared (as if you could be prepared for a new reality).

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