Dope Nation

It’s very distressing to realize that my country of origin is now filled with so many stupid people, so many…. The very idea that less than 15 years after the obvious (to anyone with a brain I would have thought) swindle of the War or Terror and Weapons of Mass Destruction a substantial part of the country would fall for yet another obvious (to anyone with a brain) swindle using the same goddamned tactics is just too much to be calm about.

The only consolation is that at least the second swindle wasn’t as catastrophic as the first. The con men that whored themselves out for the Weapons of Mass Destruction and those 2who supported them have the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people on their conscience (or would if they had consciences…). Those who whored themselves out for non-existent ‘Russian collusion’ just look like the dumb yokels they’re fond of ridiculing.

I guess it’s true – first time tragedy, second time farce.


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