The Imagination to Pharma Pipeline

The pharmaceutical industry works in at least two directions. One direction is about finding and testing medications that treat illness. This is all very difficult and time consuming and expensive. Another, easier direction turns this around. That is, an effect that some drug has on users is noted and then the lack of that effect is defined as an illness and perhaps given a medical name.

I’m pretty sure this latter process is what’s going on with puberty blockers. The main puberty blocker, leuprorelin with first used as a treatment for some types of cancer and one of the side effects was a decrease in testosterone and estradiol. “So” …. some evil pharma marketing team thinks…. “How can we turn this odd side effect into a primary treatment protocol? What population can we sell the idea of reduced hormone production to?”

In other words, an entire treatment protocol for a non-existent condition has been hocus-pocused into existence in order for Big Pharma to make a few bucks. Call it the childhood to drug industry pipeline…

Of course some children briefly imagine themselves as the sex they are not (along with conjuring up animal and robot or space alien and other identities, I often imagined myself as a Kryptonian…). Messing with developing bodies in this way is criminal and needs to stop.

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