No Sail….

I don’t buy Climate Girl (r) or her act. I was actually surprised to find out she was 16(!) because her demeanor and affect seem closer to 10 (from the other direction). Supposedly she has a host of neurological and/or mental issues but I’m not sure I buy that either (or if I did why that means anyone should pay attention to her).

If I was forced to make a hypothesis it would be that she’s being manipulated and the dead voice and non-affect are her way of getting through these performances which she doesn’t want to be doing. Alternately it might be her way of keeping a straight face at everybody listening to her trite solemn announcements.

I’m hardly a body language expert but at no time is there…. congruence in her public appearances. Aspbergers doesn’t necessarily eliminate congruence (the signals might be mixed but their still there). In her case there’s nothing there, she’s like a talking table.

Maybe I’m being unfair, but… I don’t buy it.


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1 Response to No Sail….

  1. Clarissa says:

    Wow, 16! I thought she was 10, too.

    Her parents are in the acting profession, and I keep thinking that the whole thing is an art project. I’d rather it were that than believe people are exploiting a clearly unwell person because it’s convenient.

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