Peak Immigrophilia

One of the more bizarre features of modern progressives (and leftists?) might be called immigrophilia (a word I just thought up but which might sort of exist, especially in French). Immigrophilia is an unthinking, overwhelmingly positive emotional response to the idea of people from poor, more disorderly countries moving to richer more orderly ones.

Note that the emotional response is to the idea and not the reality and absolutely not to the people who move – the most committed immigrophiles most do not personally know any such people and mostly don’t want to know or interact with them. They just want them to exist and admire the societal magic from the supposedly perform from afar.

That’s why this little trifle makes sense. On the surface it seems completely insane. For one thing Game of Thrones is fantasy (in the TV incarnation not even good fantasy any more but a fan service soap opera). For another thing none of the groups can remotely be described as ‘immigrants’:

The Dothraki are mongolish hyper violent raiders who live from tribute and plunder and those in Westeros are in the service of an unstable cauldron of narcissistic rage.

The Free Folk are at best marauding predators (and at times cannibals).

The Unsullied are amoral mercenaries (each one of which has committed infanticide) also in the service of crazy ass Daenerys.

But for the writer they’re all bringing diversity to “staid old” Westeros and if their numbers decrease that’s a terrible thing.

Crazy people can help make the seemingly irrational motivations of others make sense so I’m grateful to the author for crystalizing such an important part of the modern zeitgeist.

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1 Response to Peak Immigrophilia

  1. Clarissa says:

    It’s really weird how this thinking works. “Salvadorans are escaping violence and corruption!” As if violence and corruption are inhuman forces that are generated by geographic locations. Whose violence and corruption are they escaping? Somebody else’s? Violence and corruption are going to be left behind because it doesn’t travel well? This clearly makes no sense.

    Somebody over on my blog said that Salvadorans are like Jews escaping the Nazis. But who are the Nazis in this scheme? Other Salvadorans? How can one distinguish between them? It’s insane.

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