The Immigrophilia Mindset

One of the things that keeps surprising me is how much immigrophiles seem to regard immigration (by others not themselves) in almost religious terms. Despite the ongoing reports of the terrible things happening on the US Mexico border, from human trafficking, drug wars, child deaths or the transfer of infectious diseases the response is never ‘we need to get this under control’ but always ‘we have to let these people in’.

For immigrophiles immigration is a sacred rite (nb spelling is on purpose) a kind of religious ceremony without the religion. At some subconscious level deaths at the border are like blood sacrifices… not nice to think about but necessary to keep the sacred system going. Each new horror just serves as mental justification to keep the faith alive.

Humans are not built to live without religion (at the society level) and when you destroy traditional faiths… this is one of the results.



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