Hell is Exams…

Polish universities are fixated upon the results of exams to an absolutely terrifying degree. This is partly because the entire system is results (grades, diplomas etc) oriented rather than process (learning as a never-ending process) oriented. This is made worse by the fact that exam grades are separate from course grades (and traditionally far more important).

It’s the middle of the exam session which is always my least favorite time of year. I can predict the general results of exams with over 90% accuracy (and most of the surprises are small rather than major) so I wonder what the point of the whole elaborate Kabuki theater is…

Was just speaking with a student the other day who’d spent a semester in a Northern Country in the Erasmus program and the massive problems he’s having because in that country exam grades simply go toward the final course grade (as in the US). The Polish system cannot deal with this exotic situation and is punishing him for trying to broaden his horizons (for the last few years the university has been passively discouraging students from exchange programs in a variety of ways).

Tomorrow another written exam followed by the two worst days of the year next Monday and Tuesday…. I hate exams… one of the most useless and anti-learning inventions known…


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