Radio Moscow Calling… from Portland

Back around 1980 or so Cuba started blasting the English service of Radio Moscow toward the US on AM radio and living on the lower Gulf Coast I could pick it up easily and listened to it… a whoooole lot.

My father was concerned that  was listening to much (as was a close friend) and he was a little concerned that we might be susceptible to its message. Actually there was no way for a person with a three digit IQ to listen to Radio Moscow and not realize it was a front for a deeply dysfunctional and often evil regime. But it was a voice I hadn’t heard publicly before and so… I listened.

That was when I first started noticing the particular.. rhetoric that was typical of the Soviet ‘sphere of influence’,  safe trivia might be dealt with in a pseudo-frank manner while smooth transitions covered up mass amounts of suffering.

This was also about the time the Solidarity movement was heating up in Poland and Radio Moscow managed to cover some events in the most boring manner possible and smoothly sailed past riots and detention under the banner that most people in Poland “support socialism”. The implication was that outsiders shouldn’t worry their little heads about this because the leaders of the Solidarity movement were unpopular. (I have no idea how much of this was covered within the USSR or how but I suspect it was mostly ignored).

The physical assault against Andy Ngo has me thinking about Radio Moscow or rather the left progressive reaction to the assault makes me wonder if Vladimir Pozner’s old ghostwriter has come out of retirement. People shouldn’t worry about Ngo being assaulted because he’s not very nice, and not a true journalist in that he’s affiliated with people that the cool kids don’t like and he’s certainly not one of the cool kids and he’s kind of dorky looking and the consensus is that he’ll actually benefit in the form of publicity which is the real injustice. Okay it’s a tad more  infantile than Pozner ever was (a lot more actually) but that’s whose voice I’m hearing when I read the latest leftist unconcern.

The political realignment has been slow to get moving and the pokier it is the more of this kind of violence there will be. I don’t like that and I’m against assaulting people because of their opinions but unless some big event (like a major economic downturn) gets the realignment back in gear then there’s going to be more assaults on all sides. Nothing like a civil war (the US army can’t fight a war anymore let alone civilians) but more physical violence than the 1960s is on the way unless all sides denounce it without regard for the victim’s popularity…

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