It Takes One to Reach Out to One

I made the mistake a couple of days ago of watching a few minutes of CNN. Before I came to my senses I listened to Fareed Zakaria’s critique of Trumps behavior with the latest Kim demi-god from North Korea. What struck me was just how clueless it was.

He was in favor of diplomacy, he said, but he thought it would be more appropriate to have teams of experienced diplomats working out a program ahead of time… in other words all the stuff that’s failed the last few years.

Trump with his incipient (if not fully formed) Big Man complex instinctively understood that with a petty tinhorn dictator there’s a time for traditional diplomatic channels and the illusion of legitimacy and there’s a time for flattery by a direct appeal to their power.

Probably nothing much will come from Trump’s spontaneous gesture, but I can’t honestly criticize it, it was a gamble worth taking.


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1 Response to It Takes One to Reach Out to One

  1. Clarissa says:

    I agree. At least, Trump is doing something, looking for a peaceful solution. It’s clearly a good thing that he’s trying. But people are so crazy, they just look for reasons to condemn Trump even there are no reasons. There’s now a whole flurry of idiot journalists busily denying that there is a problem with homelessness in the country just because Trump said there is a problem. They’ll deny that water is wet to contradict Trump. And use it to bleat something incoherent about global warming. Such fools.

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