Don’t Stockpile Poison

I wasn’t at all surprised when a temporary break turned into a full scale retirement from blogging by the proprietor of Shakesville. I’m a believer in metaphoric illness (physical manifestations of a non-medical problem in a person’s life) and goal directed illness (illness as a way of meeting goals that cannot be met while the person is healthy). I also sort of believe in emotional weather and collective esp but those are ideas for another day.

Anyhoo, ever since the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump in 2016 the blogger in question (no link cause we all know who it is) quickly descended into an unhealthy verbal cesspool. Every few days there would be a round up of ‘resistance’ links, all preceded by an unhinged copy paste block about all the ‘horror’s Trump was unleashing on a daily basis. There was a group reading of Hillary Clinton’s “I don’t blame me, you shouldn’t either!” book. There were many long posts about deteriorating emotional health at the hands of Trump and how the results of the election should have been nullified… somehow.

There wasn’t a single realistic appraisal of Trump’s presidency – below average and ineffective and even better than Obama in not bombing the middle east (and certainly better than Hillary who’d would have gotten the US mired in three wars by now).

There’s no way that any person could inhabit this worldview and this language environment (and internal monologue) for months and months on end and not end up with a ton of  undiagnosable symptoms and in almost constant physical pain.

To top it off, the last month or two must have been devastating with the revelations about Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein (and Hillary Clinton’s consistent indifference to the sex scandals bubbling all around her) coming out. Everyone has a personal limit of how much cognitive dissonance they can bear and she must have reached and passed hers.

Or course it was all too much. While I was banned from comments there a long time ago (for mentioning that the ‘accused’ rapist in the famous Rolling Stone story did not actually exist) I don’t bear her any ill will. I hope she can find a better way to engage with the current political reality and find a healthier internal monologue.

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3 Responses to Don’t Stockpile Poison

  1. Clarissa says:

    I have a friend who’s exactly like McEwan but without a blog. Since the election, she’s been deteriorating physically at scary pace. She’s 38, so it’s not an old age thing. She has small kids. But she’s now sick to the point of not being able to leave the house for weeks. The doctors can’t come up with a diagnosis. It’s very sad to watch. All she can talk about is the evilness of Trump and the unfairness of the 2016 election. It’s all clearly psychosomatic.

    • cliff arroyo says:

      ” It’s all clearly psychosomatic”
      It depends on how you define ‘psychosomatic’ I think the physical manifestations are real (not imagined) but brought on by the non-stop negative inner monologue. Being stuck in a negative verbal feedback loop is just devastating for physical (not just mental) health.
      Doctors can’t diagnose it because it has no physical base and so the physical symptoms are sort of… unstable and manifest in different places at different times and come and go.
      I have a very primitive mind in many ways but I’m convinced that non-step negative thoughts have very real physical effects (that western medicine, as wonderful as it is most of the time, can’t entirely deal with).

      • M. says:

        As an old-stock American, my tolerance for whining and crying has dwindled to nothing. I don’t want to live on the same planet with these whiny little titty babies, let alone the same country. Split the country and let them whine, cry, and complain all they want while normal people get on with business.

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