Feminism Will Rise Again

Again, I’ll repeat that feminism achieved all it could as a movement in the west by the late 1980s. At that point, the next logical move would have been to expand and address non-western misogynistic practices (of which there is no shortage in any geographical direction you go). But for a bunch of reasons they…. didn’t and ultimately doomed the movement.

First it retreated into obsessing about emotional trivia (aka ‘third wave feminism’). Then it began addressing the very same misogynistic practices it should have been fighting against (like burkas and public sex segregation). And then along came the unquestioning embrace of the transgenda agender and that was all she wrote (as they say). Womanhood ceased being about biological reality and the social constraints arising therefrom, but a simple declarative state. Saying “I am a woman” became a speech act that changed reality. Biological men began bossing them around and they took it (which should enrage old school feminists but who cares about them?)

My new theory on this is that it’s going to turn into a cycle. At this moment the remnants of feminism are actively (maybe unconsciously) devoted to sabotaging the social gains made by women until we’re back to 1954 so that they can start the second wave again because that was less grueling than the first wave and more fruitful than the third.

I never thought that feminism would turn into a movement version of an alcoholic falling off the wagon so they can painfully climb back on at some future date (or Earl who just got saved before relapsing back into sin).  But here we are.


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