Say it Loud I’m Speciesist and Proud!

I’ve been taking a deeper dive into the vegan sphere.. It’s like Bizarro Universe and I’m starting to get the idea (floated in comments here and there) that a lot of the prominent youtubers are essentially corporate shills.

Veganism as a concept dates only from the 1940s and there is massive evidence that many people who sincerely try it in a non-faddish (and non-eating disordered) way still can’t make it work and of course there is no historical record for anything like a natural vegan culture…. anywhere.

But those are topics for another day. Today I’ll just mention that I completely don’t get why ‘specieisism’ is supposed to be bad (the word is thrown around a lot, maybe not as much as some other buzzwords but it’s there).

What I don’t understand is why it’s supposed to be bad. I’ll wiki up a definition like an undergrad “It involves treating members of one species as morally more important than members of other species even when their interests are equivalent.”

Duh! I’m a human being and I quite naturally and normally prioritize human well-being over that of other species.

Similarly pigs and dogs belong to different species and I prioritize their well-being according to that. Pigs are livestock, dogs are companions. Humans and dogs evolved together (there is almost nothing like any human culture without dogs) in ways that humans and pigs haven’t. Pigs may be smarter than dogs but they don’t like people (no reason they should) the way that dogs do. Of course I’m going to prioritize the needs of one over the other.

The weird thing is that ever other species on the planet is massively speciesist but somehow vegans want humans to go against our basic biological instincts in the name of …. what precisely? To be nice to animals vegans expect people to go against their basic animal nature.

Humans are designed as omnivores and we have a certain place in the food chain. Humane treatment of other species (especially food animals) has to take place in that context. I’m an animal and part of my animal nature is eating certain other species. I’m all in favor of smaller scale meat production with very strong humane treatment and slaughter protocols but I’m not going to risk my health by trying a new and untested diet (and becoming dependent on the pharmaceutical industry for supplements that vegans need).




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